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Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Equity

Dr. Seria Chatters

Seria Chatters New PortraitWithin the Office of the Vice Provost of Educational Equity, Dr. Chatters leads the Office of Scholars Programs, the Bias Reporting Network, and the Campus Access and Success Grants and Equal Opportunity Planning Commission (EOPC) Seed Grants. Additionally, Dr. Chatters is a liaison with the Development Office and supports the Commonwealth campuses and collaboratively organizes and facilitates equity-centered professional development across the Commonwealth. Dr. Chatters also serves as a Co-Chair for the Advisory Committee on Policing Communities of Color and a member of Community and Campus in Unity. 

SeriaShia Chatters has a Ph.D. in Curriculum Instruction and Counselor Education from the University of South Florida and has served as a faculty member, administrator, and researcher. Her academic scholarship focuses on the impact of diversity on interpersonal violence with a specific focus on preventing bias-based forms bullying and harassment in secondary, postsecondary, and work settings.

Seria Chatters, Ph.D.
313 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802