Internal Documents/Invitations 

To be consistent with University guidelines for promotional publications, all invitations should include the University mark and the name of the sponsoring department or program. Size and placement of the mark will depend on each item, but in general, it should be featured in a key location, e.g., mark should be centered if text is centered. 

It is not necessary for Eileen to review social and award recognition invitations in Educational Equity.

Online Publications

Strategic Communications recommends that a University Marketing Communications Representative do an initial review of electronic publications, including home pages, before they are posted to the Web sites. Since these electronic publications can be revised or altered at any time, the Marketing Communications Representative will review electronic publications and Web sites periodically.

Letters from the Commission Chairs

Formal communications, both internal and external, should follow University publication guidelines. Please provide a draft copy of the communication to Educational Equity’s University Editor Representative, Eileen Williams, at least two days prior to mailing.