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Role of the Marketing Communicators Network Representative

Eileen Williams is the Marketing Communicators Network Representative (MarCom Rep.), formerly University Editor Representative, for Educational Equity. 

Marketing Communicators Network representatives are appointed to serve as liaisons to the Department of University Marketing. Marketing Communicator Network representatives are responsible for ensuring that marketing planning and practices in their units are carried out in line with University policy, and communications are developed according to established University guidelines. Each campus and college will be represented in the network, along with administrative units as appropriate. Chancellors and deans are responsible for the appointments in their units; senior administrators are responsible for appointments in the administrative units. Appointments will be targeted to staff that direct the marketing communications function in their units. The Marketing Communicators Network is managed by the Department of University Marketing in the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Communications.

A listing of the representatives serving in the Marketing Communicators Network is available at:

You may contact Eileen Williams at  or 814-865-5906