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Role of the Marketing Communicators Network Representative

Eileen Williams is the Marketing Communicators Representative (MarCom Rep), formerly University Editorial Representative, serving as a deputy for Penn State's Marketing Communications Network and assists in helping manage the quality and consistency of the University’s publications.

Every campus, college, and administrative unit has a MarCom Representative who is appointed by their chancellors, deans, or senior administrators to ensure that marketing planning and practices are carried out in line with University policy and established guidelines. 

The MarCom Rep System is instrumental because it:
  • Reaches into all areas of the University
  • Recognizes that our campuses and colleges each have their own ―culture‖
  • Invests in the value of local representation through a Marcom Rep who works in that unit
  • Provides faculty and staff with a "go to" person for publications matters
You may contact Eileen Williams at  or 814-865-5906