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University Editor Numbers (U.Ed. Numbers)

U.Ed. Numbers, established under the former University Editor Representative System, are used to denote publications and marketing materials that have been properly reviewed, written, designed, and prepared, and approved for use.

U.Ed. numbers are in the purview of the MarCom rep. for each unit. Only publications and marketing materials that have been approved by the MarCom rep. or prepared by University Marketing and Advertising may receive a U.Ed. number.

MarCom reps. should review and assign U.Ed. numbers to all promotional publications and marketing materials that are produced by their units. This pertains to materials that are used to promote, inform, or recruit, and are directed primarily to external audiences. Publications and marketing materials that should have U.Ed. numbers (and the requisite reviews and approvals) include:

  • all recruitment materials
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • posters
  • catalogs and handbooks
  • calendars of events
  • schedules of events
  • booklets
  • view books
  • programs and invitations (for special or sponsored events)
  • annual reports
  • newsletters, periodicals, and magazines
  • program and course guides

Materials excluded from U.Ed. numbers (no review or oversight by a MarCom rep. required) include:

  • classroom instructional materials
  • scholarly journals
  • faculty papers
  • internal memorandum
  • forms
  • research papers

Eileen Williams serves as a liaison for the Department of University Marketing and as a publications resource for
Educational Equity. It is important to contact Eileen in the early stages of developing a publication to make sure adequate review and approval time is allotted.

  • Unit heads should review all draft publications before they are sent to Eileen.
  • Please allow at least a two-week turnaround time for Eileen to review the draft publication.
  • Eileen, as Educational Equity’s MarCom Rep., will give final approval on all publications and assign the U.Ed number.

Please call Eileen Williams if you have any questions about your publications. You may email her at , or call her at 814-865-5906.