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Communications Guidelines

The information provided here is intended as a resource to ensure the quality and consistency in all of the materials produced in the Office of Educational Equity. These guidelines and resources have been compiled to offer direction in our communication efforts and procedures both internal and external to Educational Equity and to Penn State. 

Steps for producing print and electronic communications within Educational Equity (e.g., flyers, postcards, posters, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations.)

Print and electronic communication pieces developed by Educational Equity units will require both editorial and visual review to help maintain the University’s visual and editorial design standards.

  1. Contact Mike Brahosky (, Multimedia Specialist, to discuss creative direction of the project, goals and objectives, design, production, and delivery.
  2. Contact the Marketing Communicators Network Representative (MarCom Rep.), for editorial review and University Editor number assignment. 

    Only last, best, drafts should be submitted for review. Editorial review will continue through the course of the print project to maintain consistency.  

    Please allow at least a two-week turnaround time for review. In the event you have not heard back from the Marcom. Rep. within that timeframe, please contact her for a status update.

  3. Once a piece meets final approval, the Marcom. Rep. will assign a University Editor (U.Ed.) number to the publication (see listing of publications that require U.Ed. Numbers). The piece is now ready to be printed.
  4. Printer specifications including size, color usage, folds, bleeds, etc., may be determined by Mike Brahosky, and communicated to the Multimedia Print Center (MPC) for print production.

  5. The Marcom. Rep. is required, per University policy, to keep three copies of the printed publication for her files. When the publication is complete, the Marcom. Rep. will send a Publications Review Form requesting information such as purpose of the piece, audience, total number printed, total cost, frequency, vendor, and distribution process to the working unit for completion. This form maintains consistent records for archival purposes of all pieces produced within Educational Equity with a U.Ed. number.

IMPORTANT: Educational Equity student-affiliated project work (e.g., video, print, web), must include a discussion with the MarCom Rep. and Multimedia Specialist prior to beginning the project. This conversation will allow better understanding of the scope and direction of the project and provide both the MarCom Rep. and Multimedia Specialist guidance to comply with Penn State standards and policies.