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Role of the Multimedia Specialist

Mike Brahosky is the Multimedia Specialist for Educational Equity.

The Multimedia Specialist is responsible for reviewing and finalizing the visual presentation of Educational Equity's print, web, and electronic media publication prior to production, distribution, or external use.

  • Educational Equity staff will seek the Multimedia Specialist's assistance prior to producing print publications and/or electronic media design in an effort to maintain established Educational Equity and University design standards.
  • The Multimedia Specialist will review submitted publications and/or electronic media and reserves the right to modify, adjust, and/or alter the graphic appearance to meet Educational Equity and University design standards, unless the unit is working directly with the Department of University Marketing in the Office of Strategic Communications.

The Multimedia Specialist works in collaboration with the (MarCom Rep.), the Office of Strategic Communications, and the units in Educational Equity to ensure the graphic quality and consistency of the unit's print and electronic communications.

You may contact Mike Brahosky at  or 814-865-1519