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University Mark / Correct Use of the University Name

University Mark

The University mark is our corporate logo and the primary element of our graphic identity system. All University publications (newsletters, brochures, flyers, posters, certificates, invitations, etc.) must include the University mark. If your material is printed at the Multimedia and Print Center, they can insert the mark on your publications for you or you may contact our Multimedia Specialist, Mike Brahosky, for assistance.

Samples of the mark can also be found by visiting the University’s Visual Identity Standards website at:


Correct Use of the University Name

Penn State is the communicative name for the University. All publications originating
from Penn State should use the communicative name rather than the full name. The full
name (The Pennsylvania State University) is reserved for formal documents, legal
contracts, some mailing addresses, and form entries, such as the line, "Make checks
payable to The Pennsylvania State University." The full name is also used in the formal
version of the statement of nondiscrimination. 

In text, the words Penn State are separate and both should be capitalized. Penn State may
be referred to as the University on subsequent mention, but only if you are referring to the
entire institution, not just a single campus, college, or other location. It is not acceptable
to call the University PSU or Penn State University.

If the University mark appears on the cover of a publication, on a certificate, or on
any other page that has words on it, the words Penn State or The Pennsylvania State
University need not be used on the same page as part of a title, heading, or cover text. The mark serves as the identifier.