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Commission Collaboration

Joint Commissions Collaboration

The Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity; the Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Equity; and the Commission for Women are advisory bodies to the Penn State President on matters that pertain to equity concerns at Penn State. While the Commissions each focus on their own specific areas of interest, they also collaborate on common equity issues as they arise. The Joint Commissions Committee, composed of the chair(s) and chair(s)-elect of each of the three President’s Commissions for Equity, meets monthly to discuss areas of common interest and concern. Recent collaborations include:

  • full page advertisement in the Centre Daily Times and the Daily Collegian expressing our support of John Amaechi, 2013 Grand Marshal for Penn State’s Homecoming Parade, in response to racist slurs and homophobic insults directed at his selection;
  • letter to the vice president for Human Resources expressing concern over the plan to outsource the day-to-day management of the Bennett Family Center and voicing support for the decision to convene a task force to determine the childcare needs of the Penn State community;
  • letter to the President expressing support for the decision to suspend the surcharge associated with University health care policy changes and urging the inclusion of experts in the area of wellness plans on women, people of color, and those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, for the proposed joint task force to examine health care options;
  • letter to the President expressing concern about past comments by new football coach James Franklin;
  • luncheon conversation with the Board of Trustees to discuss Commission initiatives and issues.


The joint commissions collaboration process includes steps designed to ensure adequate representation of each commission, ample opportunity for discussion and deliberation among JCC and Executive committee/ELT members, and review/approval by Educational Equity.

Joint Commissions Collaboration on Letters: Process Guidelines