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Event Planning

Commissions are responsible for following University policies regarding approved caterers and vendors for events, contracts, and payments. Although commission members are encouraged to discuss catering arrangements with approved caterers, facility coordinators, etc. Educational Equity staff will make the specific arrangements for payment with vendors and service providers, both within the University, and externally.

The Event Planning Process:

  1. Plan in advance
  2. Arrange for paid speakers or entertainers
  3. Arrange for approved catering
  4. Timeframe

1. Plan in advance
Event planning can begin as early as several months in advance for large events, to no later than three weeks in advance for smaller events. Well in advance of the program or event, the following information should be provided to the Educational Equity liaison:

a.    Commission contact person for the event
b.    Name, phone number, and e-mail address of RSVP contact
c     Committee/team responsible for planning
d.    Date, location, and time of the event
e.    Equipment and supplies needed
f.     Desired room set-up
g.    If the event will be catered, please provide:

i.    Number of attendees expected
ii.    Desired caterer
iii.    Amount budgeted for food and beverages

h.    Cost center to be charged
i.    Publications, handouts, or giveaways needed (if applicable)
j.    Travel arrangements needed (if any)
k.    Information pertaining to speakers and/or entertainers

2. Arrange for paid speakers or entertainers
If a paid speaker or entertainer will be used, the following information must be provided to the Educational Equity liaison in order to process the honorarium:

a.    Name
b.    Home/business address
c.    SSN (Note: because of the confidential nature of this information, it should be provided directly to the liaison.)

Entertainers and presenters external to the University must be under appropriate contract. Contracts must be in place prior to the event. In most cases, University employees cannot receive an honorarium.

3. Arrange for catering
Catering arrangements, as well as any other services requiring payment, will be finalized by Educational Equity staff.

4. Timeframe
Event planning should begin well in advance of the event, at which time the necessary information should be sent to the Educational Equity liaison, as outlined above. Specifics regarding the amount for lead time required should be discussed with the liaison.


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