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Each commission is responsible for determining meeting schedules, speakers, and planning for routine events, with the assistance of Educational Equity staff.
For more information regarding special events, see Event Planning.

Scheduling Process:

  1. Plan in advance
  2. Prepare for administrators
  3. Timeframe


1. Plan in Advance
At the outset of the planning process, the commission should provide the liaison with all necessary information pertaining to meeting scheduling, including:

a.    Date and time preferences
b.    Meeting room preferences
c.    Snack/beverage/meal preferences
d.    Audiovisual needs (conference phone, video conferencing equipment, etc.)

Note: Educational Equity staff do not support commission committees or teams (with the exception of Executive Committees/Executive Leadership Team).

2.    Prepare for Administrators
The commission may request the assistance of the liaison in contacting the appropriate individual(s) in the following situations:

a.    When Penn State administrators are requested to be in attendance at a meeting
b.    When the commission or its leadership would like to meet with an administrator for a focused discussion
c.    When meeting speakers or guests are identified

3.    Timeframe

For regular commission meetings, the meeting schedule for the upcoming year should be set in early spring.

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