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Educational Opportunity Center Application

Apply for services from the Educational Opportunity Center

1. Applicant contact information
Birth date  
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How did you hear about us?

2. Military
Military service  

3. Citizenship
Citizenship status  

4. Ethnicity/Race
Are you Hispanic or Latino?  

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5. Highest degree earned
Highest degree earned   Please indicate the highest degree you have obtained

Are you currently attending high school?

6. Family education history
Has your mother received a 4-year degree?  

Has your father received a 4-year degree?  

Whom did you reside with until 18 years old?   With whom did you regularly reside with and receive support from until you were 18 years old?

7. Income

Your household's taxable income amount can be found on the federal income tax return.

  • On IRS Form 1040, see line 43
  • On IRS Form 1040A, see line 27
  • On IRS Form 1040EZ, see line 6
Taxable income  

Note: If you are under the age of 18, please enter your parents'/guardians' income information in the box above.
8. Services
Please indicate any TRIO programs you currently participating in
I would like services to aid in my completion of a High School Equivalency / GED  

Are you interested in finding out about educational or training opportunities beyond high school / GED?  

Authorization   I hereby authorize the release of all educational records--future and past--to the Penn State SEPA EOC with the understanding that all records will remain private within EOC and the Department of Education.

Withdrawal understanding   I understand that should I drop classes or withdraw from any services in which I have participated through EOC, I may be placed on inactive status or withdrawn from the EOC program.

Note: If you are under the age of 18, please have your parent or guardian sign this application in the box above to authorize your participation in this program.