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EOC - PHIL Services

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EOC-Phila Career Planning

Career Planning:

EOC counselors will assist you in assessing what career fits your skills and interest so you can find a training or college program to enroll in that meets your needs. You can complete a career inventory or take an online skills and interest assessment at the EOC.

Financial Aid Assistance:

Everyone benefits from filling out and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Our counselors will help you fill out the FAFSA and assist you with finding appropriate financial aid to pursue your education. You can also browse our resource library and /or search the internet for scholarships.

Filling out ApplicationsCompleting Applications:

When you have decided which school or schools you would like to apply to, our counselors will assist you with the application forms.

Visits to Local Colleges:

The EOC sponsors visits to several local campuses, where participants tour the college or University and campus admissions staff provides admissions and general information.

Cultural Events and Activities:

As a program member, you can participate in cultural activities sponsored by the EOC. We recently visited a theatre, two museums,m and went to a concert in the Philadelphia area.


Our counselors can assist you with referrals to GED programs, job training programs, and other services available to you throughout Philadelphia County.


EOC counselors offer workshops on:

  • Career Planning
  • Financial Aid
  • College Admissions


    Use of EOC Computers for Participants:

    Our EOC office at 1101 Kitty Hawk Avenue has computers available that EOC participants can use in their search for colleges, careers, and scholarships, and in completing the online FAFSA form.

    Reference Library:

    The EOC reference library has over 100 books available to program participants with information about choosing a career, attending school as an adult, searching for scholarships, essay writing for college applications, career trends, and many more topics!

    We also have over fifty college catalogues and applications on file in our offices.