About TRiO

About TrioA series of educational support programs called TRiO emerged from the United States Department of Education (USDE) ope/trio/ in 1964 as a result of former President Lyndon B. Johnson's War on Poverty legislation.

Initially three programs, hence the name TRiO was coined, they were designed to assist low-income individuals whose parents did not graduate from college to access higher education in efforts to break social, economic, and cultural barriers. TRiO has now expanded to include the following programs:

  • Upward Bound
  • Talent Search
  • Student Support Services
  • Educational Opportunity Centers
  • Training Program for Federal TRiO Programs Staff
  • Veterans Upward Bound
  • Ronald E. McNair PostbBaccalaureate Achievement
  • Upward Bound Math-Science

Oscar AlmodovarEach of these programs range in services provided and target population. From middle school youth to college students preparing for graduate study, TRiO programs facilitate the process for low-income, first-generation college individuals to access and progress through various levels of postsecondary education.

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