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Assessment Instruments and Evaluations


EOPC Assessment Instruments and Evaluations

The following survey provides an example of the kind of detail and quality EOPC evaluation teams are looking for in assessment instruments. While the survey is not research quality, it has sufficient detail and rigor to provide useful information about the impact the program had on its participants. The survey is given before and after the program (with some modifications in the post-program survey). The evaluation at the end is given as part of the post-program survey. From these instruments, comparisons can be made on various questions. For example, it would be interesting to compare the results of the jobs inventory at the end of the survey before and after the program. From these answers, tables and charts comparing the pre- and post-program results can be generated. While no strict formula exists for developing instruments and evaluating your program, those instruments and evaluations that highlight the impact your program had on your program goals are most important to EOPC evaluation teams.

While EOPC encourages the use of professional assessment instruments, such as the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) and the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI), assessment instruments that are developed by EOPC programs are acceptable if done with care and if the program uses instruments and procedures that attempt to measure the impact that the program had on the participants' attitudes and intended behaviors. Accordingly, pre- and post-program instruments that try to get at attitudes and intended behaviors are better than only administering a post-program questionnaire that asks questions that only can be used to determine how well the participants liked the program.

Science Camp Survey