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Selected Summer 2015 and Academic Year 2015-16 EOPC Funded Programs

Summer 2015 Programs

Pre-College or College Articulation Programs – programs for high-school students and students entering Penn State


Program Title: Aspiring Scholars Summer Bridge Program
Campus: Berks
Project Director: Aubrey Edwards
Phone: (610) 396-6074

Program Description: This program supports economically disadvantaged students who are accepted into the ASPIRE program at Penn State Berks to bridge the transition from high school to college. In addition to college-level preparation courses, they learn about college life through interacting with program staff and peer mentors in various activities.


Program Title: Business Simulation Camp for Young Women
Campus: Erie
Project Director: Randy Brown
Phone: (814) 898-6042

Program Description: This academic camp for high school girls is designed to increase their interest in business and to encourage them to enroll in the School of Business at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.


Program Title: Mathematics Academic Prep (MAP)
Campus: Abington
Project Director: Mikhail Kagan
Phone: (215) 881-7471

Program Description: MAP is a non-credit course for first-year students who have developmental math needs. The purpose of the program is to improve their math skills such that they will be prepared to start the fall semester in first-year calculus (Math 140) so they will be on track with their STEM math requirements at the outset of their college careers.


Program Title: Pre-Freshman Engineering and Science (PREF)
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Amy Freeman
Phone: (814) 865-7138

Program Description: PREF is a rigorous academic enrichment and orientation program specifically developed to bolster the retention of first-year students entering curriculums in engineering and science at the Penn State University Park campus. The components of PREF accommodate the academic, social, cultural, and adjustment needs of these students.


Program Title: Summer College Opportunity in Education (SCOPE)
Campus: University Park
Project Director: María Schmidt
Phone: (814) 867-1521

Program Description: SCOPE is a four-week academic intensive program for high school sophomores from multicultural backgrounds interested in a career in teaching, counseling, special education, rehabilitation, or educational administration. SCOPE aims to promote and increase the recruitment, participation and success rates of underrepresented students in higher education and more specifically in the education field.


Program Title: Summer Research Experience in the College of Agricultural Sciences (SECAS)
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Derek James
Phone: (814) 865-3215

Program Description: SECAS collaborates with Upward Bound Math and Science to help prepare low-income/first-generation high school students who are interested in agricultural majors and careers for success in college.


Program Title: Summer Success Program
Campus: Hazleton
Project Director: Tammy Spevak
Phone: (570) 450-3026

Program Description: This program helps students who might need developmental courses develop the appropriate academic skills so that they will be ready for the regular curriculum in the fall through the completion of math and English learning modules during the summer just before the beginning of the fall semester.


Program Title: UBMS Summer STEM Academy
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Angela Miller
Phone: (814) 863-4292

Program Description: This program is a collaboration between the Upward Bound Math and Science Program, Bayer, the College of Agricultural Sciences, Eberly College of Science, and the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. The STEM Academy provides low-income/first-generation high school students in grades 9-11 an opportunity to conduct research in Penn State facilities with faculty in the STEM fields for six weeks during the summer.


Academic Year 2015–16 Programs


Pre-College Programs – programs for high school students


Program Title: Preparation Starts with U
Campus: New Kensington
Project Director: Patty Brady
Phone: (724) 334-6058

Program Description: This program brings students from Pittsburgh high schools and other diverse schools to campus for a college preparatory program that includes information about admission, financial aid, and choice of major. The program includes a speaker and a series of college prep tips in the weeks following the program through social media.


Program Title: School of Visual Arts Portfolio Day
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Angela Rothrock
Phone: (814) 865-3991

Program Description: Faculty members from the School of Visual Arts (SoVA) and other staff the College of Arts and Architecture travel to the Charter High School for Architecture and Design in Philadelphia to meet with about 50 prospective underrepresented/underserved (e.g., first-generation/low income) students who are interested in pursuing careers in the visual arts. Faculty discuss various opportunities in SoVA and review students’ portfolios.


College Student Programs - diversity education and support programs for undergraduate students


Program Title: Asian American Students in Action (AASIA)
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Dara Sanoubane
Phone: (814) 865-1773

Program Description: This mentoring program is designed to address the retention of Asian and Pacific American (APA) students at University Park. Although University Park has many mentoring programs, none specifically address the need to retain and graduate APA undergraduate students. Historically, this lack of support stems from the labeling of APA students as a “model minority” and the many biases against APA students due to that label. However, at Penn State, APA students still lag behind white students in their retention and graduation rates. The goal of the program is to help incoming APA students make a successful transition from high school to college.


Program Title: Bunton-Waller Fellow/Lendfest Scholars Program
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Hank McCoullum
Phone: (814) 863-0285

Program Description: This program supports the transition to Penn State for first-year Bunton-Waller Fellows and Lendfest Scholars.


Program Title: CARE – Culturally Aware; Respectful to Everyone
Campus: DuBois
Project Director: Marly Doty
Phone: (814) 375-4764

Program Description: This program is an alternative spring break experience for traditional and diverse students. The goal of the program is to foster intercultural interaction and increase participants’ diversity skills through service learning.


Program Title: Diversity Grants-in-Aid
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Kristi Wormhoudt
Phone: (814) 863-3667

Program Description: Diversity Grants-In-Aid assists students with financial need who are members of underrepresented racial/ethnic groups or have documented disabilities in participating in education abroad. Students should contact the Office of International Programs as soon as they decide they are interested in studying abroad to see whether or not they are eligible for the program. This program also runs during the summer.


Program Title: World in Conversation Project
Campus: University Park
Project Directors: Laurie Mulvey and Sam Richards
Phone: (814) 865-5692 or (814) 863-7456

Program Description: The mission of the World in Conversation Project is to create a kind of dialogue about social and cultural issues that invites the unexamined, politically incorrect thoughts of participants to the surface so those thoughts can be submitted to conscious exploration and inquiry.


Graduate and Medical Student Programs - for prospective and current graduate, law, and medical students


Program Title: HHD/CON Healthy People Penn State Research Conference and Expo
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Linda Wray and Joyce Hopson-King
Phone: (814) 865-0764 or (814) 863-1291
Email: or

Program Description: Healthy People Penn State is a research conference and expo that brings a group of emerging underrepresented scholars attending U.S. universities to learn about research and training opportunities in graduate programs in the colleges of Health and Human Development and Nursing.


Program Title: Penn State Law Minority Mentor Program
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Shoba Wadhia
Phone: (814) 863-3823

Program Description: This program provides law students from diverse racial/ethnic groups with faculty and alumni mentors to help make the law school experience more welcoming and facilitate academic success and career preparation.


Program Title: Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Medical and Graduate Students
Campus: Hershey
Project Director: Harjit Singh
Phone: (717) 531-5418

Program Description: The goals of this project are the recruitment, matriculation and retention of students in medical and/or graduate school at the College of Medicine. The program will continue the summer research partnership with Lincoln, Cheyney, and Penn State.


Faculty and Staff Programs


Program Title: Diversity Recruitment and Retention Workshop
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Steve Hayes
Phone: (814) 865-2885

Program Description: This workshop will train HR professionals across Penn State on best practices for the recruitment and retention of veterans, people with disabilities, individuals in the LGBT community, and other underrepresented/underserved groups.


Program Title: Opportunity Network for Employment (ONE) Program
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Marianne Karwacki
Phone: (814) 865-0676

Program Description: This program, which is a collaboration among Penn State and several community organizations, assists in developing employment opportunities for a diverse population of qualified people with disabilities.


Welcoming Campus Climate


Program Title: 1+1: A Multi-Modal Game to Promote Diverse Student Engagement
Campus: Harrisburg
Project Director: Shivaani Selvaraj
Phone: (717) 948-6623

Program Description: 1 + 1 is an interactive, real-world gaming experience designed to enhance student engagement with the campus as a diverse community and an active learning environment.


Program Title: Safe Zone
Campus: University Wide
Project Director: Allison Subasic
Phone: (814) 863-7696

Program Description: The Safe Zone program provides a hospitable environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons by establishing an identifiable network of persons who can provide support, information, and a safe haven to LGBT persons within the University.


Program Title: We Listen: Digital Stories of the Penn State Campuses
Campus: Multiple
Project Director: Heather Hughes
Phone: (814) 863-0421

Program Description: We Listen is modeled on a previous EOPC program, World Wide Narratives, which recorded the lived experiences of diverse members of the Penn State Harrisburg community to share with the entire campus community with the goal of shifting awareness of difference and provoking new insights into appreciating diversity and inclusion. We Listen will take this approach to other campuses to expand the impact of this novel approach.


Other Programs


Program Title: Disability Awareness Month
Campus: University Wide
Project Director: Keith Jervis
Phone: (814) 863-1807

Program Description: Disability Awareness Month stresses the theme of “Diversability,” which emphasizes the varying abilities and talents of people with disabilities. The intent of the month is to promote an atmosphere where individuals are comfortable discussing and exploring questions about accessibility, equality, and inclusion for people with disabilities.


Program Title: International and Intercultural Programs Office at Penn State Mont Alto
Campus: Mont Alto
Project Director: Somjit Barat
Phone: (717) 749-6207

Program Description: This initiative will help support establishing this new office with activities and programs throughout the academic year.


Program Title: Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
Campus: University Wide
Project Director: Marcus Whitehurst
Phone: (814) 865-5906

Program Description: Penn State annually recognizes the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and many University-sponsored MLK events are funded by EOPC.


Program Title: Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Campus: University Wide
Project Director: Connie Tice
Phone: (814) 863-6188

Program Description: Penn State’s annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day provides a way for girls and boys to examine occupational opportunities and develop a better sense of the career paths they may be interested in.