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Selected Summer 2008 and Academic Year 2008-09 EOPC Funded Programs

Summer 2008 Programs

Pre-College Programs - for pre-college or first-year students

Program Title: Graphics for Girls
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Eileen Trauth
Phone: (814) 865-0077
Program Description: Graphics for Girls is a week-long day camp for middle school girls that is designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for participants to explore and enhance skills related to information technology and foster an interest in entering IT-related fields.

Program Title: The Lion’s Path – Berks Summer Bridge Program
Campus: Berks
Project Director: Yuriko Beaman
Phone: (610) 396-6074
Program Description: This program provides academic support for students entering college through the Equal Opportunity Program. Students will receive instruction in writing and math and will participate in structured study sessions and activities, including those that strengthen college skills, such as study skills, library research, conflict management, stress management, etc. Student mentors will also participate in the program to assist and guide students.

Program Title: Pre-Freshman Engineering and Science (PREF)
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Amy Freeman
Phone: (814) 865-7138
Program Description: PREF is a rigorous academic enrichment and orientation program specifically developed to bolster the retention of first year under-represented students of color entering curriculums in engineering and science at the Penn State University Park campus. The components of PREF accommodate the academic, social, cultural, and adjustment needs of these students.

Program Title: Summer Experience in the Eberly College of Science
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Mercedes Richards
Phone: (814) 865-0150
Program Description: This program is a collaboration between the Eberly College of Science and Upward Bound Math and Science and provides program students with research experiences with Penn State faculty in core areas of science for six weeks during the summer.

Program Title: Wise Week Day Camp
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Raysun Goergen
Phone: (814) 865-3342
Program Description: WISE Week Day Camp brings 24 pre-college girls to University Park for a week of exploration of the opportunities science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields through hands-on experiences in science and engineering labs with state-of-the-art technology and interaction with female role models. The goal of the program is to recruit these students into the STEM fields at Penn State.

Graduate Student Programs - for prospective graduate students

Program Title: Minority Advanced Careers in Nursing
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Lisa Kitko
Phone: (814) 863-2228
Program Description: This program brings six junior and senior nursing students from Dillard University, Alcorn State, and Tennessee State to Penn State’s School of Nursing for a summer program designed to enhance their research and clinical skills in preparation for entering a graduate program in nursing.

Academic Year 2008-09 Programs

Pre-College Programs - for pre-college students

Program Title: Arnelle Fly Fishing
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Mark Belden
Phone: (814) 865-5401
Program Description: This program brings students from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds together to enjoy an outdoor recreational activity focused on fly fishing. The program was initiated by Jesse Arnelle, Penn State’s first African American chair of the Board of Trustees, who conceptualized the program as a way to teach initiative, cooperation, and discovery through this outdoor experience.

College Student Programs - support programs for first-year or continuing undergraduate students

Program Title: Bunton-Waller Fellow/Lendfest Scholars Program
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Hank McCoullum
Phone: (814) 863-0285
Program Description: This program supports the transition to Penn State for first-year Bunton- Waller Fellows and Lendfest Scholars.

Program Title: Diversity Grants-in-Aid
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Kelli Burns
Phone: (814) 863-7138
Program Description: Diversity Grants-In-Aid assists students with financial need who are members of underrepresented racial/ethnic groups or have documented disabilities in participating in education abroad. Students should contact the Office of International Programs as soon as they decide they are interested in studying abroad to see whether or not they are eligible for the program. This program also runs during the summer.

Program Title: A Diversity Alumni Mentoring Luncheon
Campus: Abington
Project Director: Ethel O’Dea
Phone: (215) 881-7529
Program Description: This luncheon will introduce students to alumni role models and potential mentors for the campus’ overall mentoring program.

Program Title: Jump Start
Campus: Mont Alto
Project Director: Jack Ebersole
Phone: (717) 749-6045
Program Description: This program will help raise the level of academic preparedness for incoming students by enrolling them in online developmental courses during the summer to help prepare them for their fall classes. In the fall, students will continue to receive academic support and will paired with a student mentor and enrolled in a course to assist them with leadership development.

Program Title: Knowledge, Excellence, Wisdom, and Learning (KEWL)
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Ed McKeon
Phone: (814) 865-1773
Program Description: This mentoring program is designed to address the retention of Asian and Pacific American (APA) students at University Park. Although University Park has many mentoring programs, none specifically address the need to retain and graduate APA undergraduate students.
Historically, this lack of support stems from the labeling of APA students as a “model minority” and the many biases against APA students due to that label. However, at Penn State, APA students still lag behind white students in their retention and graduation rates. The goal of the program is to help incoming APA students make a successful transition from high school to college.

Graduate and Medical Student Programs - for prospective graduate and medical students

Program Title: Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Medical and Graduate Students
Campus: Hershey
Project Director: Alphonse Leure-duPree
Phone: (717) 531-6411
Program Description: The goals and the specific aims of this
Project are the recruitment, matriculation and retention of under-represented multicultural students in medical and/or graduate school at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. The program will continue the summer research partnership with Lincoln, Cheyney, and Penn State.

Faculty and Staff Programs

Program Title: Advancement Program for Minority Faculty and Staff at Capital College
Campus: Harrisburg
Project Director: Barbara Thompson
Phone: (717) 948-6297
Program Description: This program will develop initiatives that create ties between staff of color and appropriate mentors and provide mentoring/network and career development programs for participants at Penn State Harrisburg. These programs will be directed toward empowering staff to best navigate the system and successfully advance through their careers.

Program Title: Diversity Fellow Program*
Campus: Abington
Project Director: José Rodriguez
Phone: (215) 881-7501
Program Description: This program funds a diversity fellow who will conduct diversity programming at Penn State Abington, including increasing course offerings on intercultural and international issues, while completing her/his doctoral thesis. After the fellowship period, the goal of the program will be to hire the diversity fellow on the tenure track.

Program Title: Opportunity Network for Employment (ONE) Program
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Marianne Karwacki
Phone: (814) 865-0676
Program Description: This program, which is a collaboration among Penn State and several community organizations, assists in developing employment opportunities for a diverse population of qualified people with disabilities.

Curricular and Curricular Integration Programs

Program Title: Building Inclusive Environments at Penn State*
Campus: Berks
Project Director: Charles Coleman
Phone: (610) 396-6072
Program Description: This initiative will provide resources to train five faculty at the National Coalition Building Institute Leadership for Diversity Institute. These faculty will, in turn, train other faculty to help increase their awareness of diversity issues and encourage discussion and dialogue around diversity. The ultimate g is to improve the climate for students through faculty that are more skilled in delivering diversity content in the classroom and fostering positive discussion around diversity topics.

Program Title: Community Engagement and Teaching International*
Campus: Greater Allegheny
Project Director: James Jaap
Phone: (412) 675-9052
Program Description: This program is designed to address issues of diversity and global awareness and encourage student civic engagement through the use of a wide range of activities, including participating in classes designed to foster awareness of diversity issues and service
Projects with various nonprofit and government agencies throughout the Greater Allegheny service area.

Program Title: Enhancing Cultural Competence through Campus Activities Programs
Campus: Beaver
Project Director: Chris Rizzo
Phone: (724) 773-3950
Program Description: This program sponsors a speaker/performance series that targets diversity content. These events will be linked with courses when possible or embedded directly into first-year seminar programming.

Program Title: Enhancing Multi-Cultural Competencies for International Human Resource Management*
Campus: Great Valley
Project Director: Denise Potosky and Kimberly Merriman
Phone: (724) 430-4140
Program Description: The goal of this program will be to develop a new graduate-level course focused on Intercultural Management, attain increased recognition of Penn State Great Valley for scholarship related to the development of multicultural competencies within the broader study of international management and the global deployment of human resources, and establish a collaboration of corporate and other organizational leaders who can inform curricula, support and benefit from sponsored research, and host developmental opportunities that expose students, faculty, and staff to best practices and current challenges in the field.

Program Title: A Faculty Learning Community for Curricular Diversity
Campus: Harrisburg
Project Director: Carol McQuiggan
Phone: (717) 948-6542
Program Description: This program will form a faculty learning community for those interested in integrating diversity into their courses. Faculty will work collaboratively to develop syllabi and learning activities, along with sharing articles, books, media, and other diversity resources.

Program Title: Fostering Student Competency through a Curriculum of International Engagement
Campus: New Kensington
Project Director: Josi Kalavar
Phone: (724) 334-6745
Program Description: This program will be a year-long exploration of Ecuador’s history, government and politics, geography, economy, demographics, language, and culture that will focus classroom and co-curricular activities on the need for international competencies and today’s global community.

Program Title: Intercultural Programs Office*
Campus: Fayette
Project Director: Gib Prettyman
Phone: (610) 648-3200
Program Description: This program will initiate an Intercultural Programs Office. The goal of the office will be to create vigorous curricular programs that teach intercultural and international competencies to campus students. In addition to its overall leadership function, the new office will undertake three major short-term initiatives in academic year 2008-09: implementing formal intercultural curriculum development and assessment, creating intercultural and international resources for students, and orchestrating an annual international travel opportunity for students.

Program Title: Interdisciplinary Certificate in World Cultures*
Campus: Harrisburg
Project Directors: Mukund Kulkarni, Felicia Brown-Haywood, and Marie-Louise Abram
Phone: (717) 948-6103
Program Description: This initiative will fund the development of an interdisciplinary certificate in world cultures at the undergraduate level and will also explore an advanced post-baccalaureate certificate. The certificate will provide students with exposure to world cultures in two ways: a) experience with the growing non-majority cultures of the U.S., including African-Americans as well as the cultures of Hispanic and Asian immigrant populations, and b) experience first-hand the cultures of key countries with expanding global political and economic influences, particularly Latin America and Asia.

Program Title: Language of Art
Campus: University Park
Project Director: William Kelly
Phone: (814) 865-1750
Program Description: This program will bring the music, poetry, and dance of several artists from various racial, ethnic, gender, age, and cultural backgrounds to Penn State. The program also has a curricular component with Ronnie Burrage, a nationally-prominent jazz drummer.

Program Title: Shenango Diversity Certificate*
Campus: Shenango
Project Director: Kathleen Mastrian
Phone: (724) 983-2871
Program Description: The diversity certificate at Penn State Shenango will be strengthened by several new course offerings that will be developed under this program. A total of four new courses will be developed in an online format.

Program Title: Race Relations Project
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Laurie Mulvey and Sam Richards
Phone: (814) 865-5768 or (814) 863-7456
Program Description: The mission of the Race Relations
Project is to build a vision of what is really happening with race relations in this generation by engaging participants in conversations about their personal experiences with the issue. These dialogues provide an opportunity for individuals to constructively question one another’s views while critically examining their own.

Program Title: Teaching “Diversity within Community”*
Campus: Schuylkill
Project Director: Steve Couch and Matthew Swatchick
Phone: (570) 385-6100
Program Description: This initiative builds upon the model developed by Penn State New Kensington that focuses instruction and co-curricular activities on a specific country in an attempt to frame diversity issues in a meaningful way for the campus community. This initiative will be linked to Penn State Schuylkill’s 75th anniversary and will also utilize Professor Daryl Smith’s four dimensions of diversity.

Other Programs

Program Title: Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
Campus: University Wide
Project Director: Marcus Whitehurst
Phone: (814) 865-5906
Program Description: Penn State annually recognizes the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and many University-sponsored MLK events are funded by EOPC.

Program Title: Supplier Diversity Initiative
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Vernon Davis
Phone: (814) 863-2520
Program Description: The Supplier Diversity
Project identifies and reviews minority and woman- owned businesses for work within the Penn State System while providing the data required to build a robust supplier program.

Program Title: “Something To Look Forward To” Art Exhibit
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Ann Shields
Phone: (814) 865-2563
Program Description: This exhibit brings to Penn State the works of 22 nationally prominent African American artists who explore abstractionism in their artwork. One of the exhibiting artists, David Hamons, will also come to Penn State to deliver a lecture.

Program Title: Traditional American Indian Powwow
Campus: University Park
Project Director: John Sanchez
Phone: (814) 863-7994
Program Description: This event brings a powwow comprised of American Indians from across the United States to the Pennsylvania Centre Region.

Program Title: A World of Difference
Campus: University Park
Project Director: Cynthia Berger
Phone: (814) 863-9174
Program Description: “A World of Difference” is a weekly Penn State public broadcasting outreach that focuses on diversity and multiculturalism.

*Indicates programs that were part of the EOPC special funding initiative for campuses