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Program Evaluations

Developing Equal Opportunity Planning Committee (EOPC) program evaluations involves the use of forms that can be downloaded from hyperlinked appendices below.

"Forms" are Adobe Acrobat files that must be downloaded, printed, and filled out with a typewriter or edited directly on your computer and then printed out (when printing out forms that you have edited on your computer, you must make sure you click your curser out of all editable areas; editable areas that have cursers in them will not print out).

Please do not re-format any of the on-line forms; use them exactly as they come to you when they are downloaded.

Program evaluations occur by re-accessing the electronic version of the original proposal and filling in the items on the file that are specifically identified for use in program evaluations. See Program Evaluation Narrative Examples. The components of this evaluation follow:

    1. Description of actual program participants
    2. Identifying any changes that were made to the program goals
    3. Identifying any changes that were made to the objectives or measures of any goals
    4. "Yes" or "No" as to whether or not each objective was met
    5. Comment on any objectives that were not met
    6. Total number of objectives attained for all goals
    7. Summaries of quantitative and qualitative outcomes

    After you have completed this process, also include the following in the evaluation:

    1. Your original Summary Title Page and Budget Notes that you submitted with your proposal
    2. Attach a summary of expenditures (use the Actual Expenditures Summary Budget form, signed by the project director (type in the name of the financial officer)
    3. Attach any other supporting documents (e.g., results of assessment instruments from the original proposal, tables, charts, historical/longitudinal data, etc.)
    4. If the program is a student recruitment and retention program, please provide updates in the "Actual" section for all templates from all previous years (please see this link for further information).


      Funds in the appropriate amount must be returned to EOPC if: 1) some portion of EOPC funds were unexpended; 2) expenditures of unit/external funds does not at least equal the expenditures of EOPC funds; or 3) EOPC or unit/external funds were not spent according to the allocated line items.

      Note (July 2018): New electronic process to be announced soon.


      Please see the deadline schedule to ensure that your materials are sent on time.