"Recognizing our Progress Along the Path": The 20th Anniversary of the Formation of The Equal Opportunity Planning Committee
Prior to the formal announcement of the formation of EOPC, the University administration had to decide on the best structure for implementing Penn State's Equal Opportunity Plan.
Seen here with civil rights activist Desmond Tutu, Penn State President Bryce Jordan formally announced the inauguration of EOPC on August 17, 1983.
Press release that announced the formation of EOPC.
Only a long-term commitment to the principles of affirmative action and equal opportunity will ensure a secure and just future for the citizens of the state and nation.
EOPC's orginal focus was on recruiting and graduating African American students, especially those who were Pennsylvania residents.
The Equal Opportunity Plan called for concrete actions at the highest levels of the University administration.
From its inception, one of EOPC's main strategies was to fund proposals from members of the University community that would contribute to Penn State's equal opportunity goals.
Although the original focus of EOPC was on African Americans, it soon became evident that a more "diverse" understanding of equal opportunity was necessary for a truly equitable approach.
People with disabilities have a long and important history at the University. Penn State understands the value and contributions of persons with disabilities and seeks to provide reasonable accommodations to their needs as students and employees.
Physically Handicapped Students At Penn State, A Faculty Guide.
EOPC provided the initial funding to support the creation of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allies Student Resource Center.
In addition to funding proposals, EOPC issued reports to the University community on matters that were critical to making progress towards Penn State's diversity goals.
One EOPC-funded project was distributed across the University and focused on the role of faculty in promoting the retention and graduation of African American students.
EOPC was a precursor to many diversity initiatives at Penn State, including the University's first strategic plan for diversity, A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State: 1998-2003.
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