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Proposal Materials

EOPC proposal materials are below.  Proposal writers should begin by looking at the Preparatory Materials (Instructions for Completing Proposal Forms, then the Annotated Proposal, and finally the Example Proposal). All of these materials are downloadable at the links below:

Note: If you have difficulty downloading Microsoft Word documents (e.g., your browser tries to open the document in Microsoft Word online), right click on the link, then left click to select the "Save link as . . . " option (some browsers may modify this wording to "Save target as . . ." or similar wording) and then download to your computer.

Also, EOPC proposal are now only submitted in electronic format. Per the instructions in the section immediately below, proposals will be submitted via email, and no hard copy proposals will be required.

Preparatory Materials

Instructions for Completing Proposal Forms - [Microsoft Word] [PDF]

Annotated Proposal - [Microsoft Word] [PDF]

Example Proposal - [Microsoft Word] [PDF]

Proposal Forms

After you have read over these materials and understand the proposal process, below are the actual proposal forms in Microsoft Word document format, one for proposals that request $5,000 or less from EOPC and one for proposals that request more than $5,000 from EOPC. Only use one of the forms below (i.e., don't use EOPC forms from previous years). Also, make sure to download the document to your computer, open the file directly from your computer, and then fill out the form (i.e., use the "save as" option instead of "open" option; or, as mentioned above, right click on the link and use the "save link as" option, which is the most reliable way to download the file). Filling out the form using the "open" option can create problems using the document,

$5,000 or less proposals - EOPC-5K-or-Less proposal form

More than $5,000 proposal - EOPC-Over-5K proposal form

Instructions for submitting proposals can be found in the Preparatory Materials above, and after you complete these forms and submit your proposal, make sure that the proposal is saved on your computer in a place where you will be able to locate it later because you'll need it to do your program evaluation after the program is over.

Please don't hesitate to contact the EOPC office (; 814-863-7890) at any time in the process for assistance.