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Supplemental Adobe Connect Training

Supplemental Adobe Connect Training for Student Recruitment and Retention Programs

For proposals that seek funding for student recruitment and retention programs (Framework Challenge 3), EOPC requires some additional documentation for proposals. Web training for developing this documentation is available through Adobe Connect via any Web browser.

Note: This training was developed for the 2008-09 funding cycle, so the documents you will see in the training session do not have the same dates associated with them as for the current funding cycle. Also, the website will look somewhat different since the EOPC site has been updated since then. However, the process is the same. Follow the process as shown in the training session, but take note that the dates on the documents you access during this funding cycle will be different from what you see in the online training session.

Also, in the training, the section that references A Framework to Foster Diversity is outdated and shows the 2004-09 Framework instead of the current, 2010-15 Framework. However, the Seven Challenges are the same in both Framework documents, so the information presented is correct. To see what this section would look like for the current Framework, go to

Most important, due to the complexity of these forms, please contact Mike Blanco (, 814-863-7890) for assistance in filling out these forms. Oftentimes, the best approach is to go through the process with him (in person or over the phone) to ensure that it is done properly

Please go to the Supplemental Adobe Connect Training module. You must log into Adobe Connect to see the presentation. Once there, you may be able to see the presentation better by using the "Full Screen" view mode of your Web browser (on some browsers, you can toggle between Full Screen and regular view using the F11 key). Also, in Full Screen view mode, you can adjust one of the Adobe Connect toolbars back and forth between "Scale to fit" and "Scroll." "Scroll" may be a better view mode for some, especially those with smaller screens, because it allows you to scroll up and down and view portions of the presentation that might not be visible in "Scale to Fit" mode.

Finally, you may need to download the latest version of Flash Player in order for the training to run properly.