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Templates for Student Recruitment and Retention-Graduation Programs

Developing EOPC proposals and program evaluations for student recruitment and retention-graduation programs involves the use of "templates" in Microsoft Excel that can be downloaded from hyperlinked appendices from the EOPC Proposal Template section (see navigation listing on the right). You must have Microsoft Excel on your computer to use these Excel files.

When accessing templates, your Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) may prompt you to either "open the file in its current location" or "save to disk." If so, select the "save to disk" option and put the file on a local drive on your computer. If your browser opens the template directly (i.e., it does not prompt you for the "save to disk" option but directly opens the file), immediately invoke a "save as" command and save the file to a local drive before editing the file.

Immediately after you download the file to your local drive, exit your Web browser. This action prevents potential conflicts between the downloaded file and the file opened on the Web. If you wish, you can reopen your Web browser immediately after you exit it. After you fill out the template (see instructions for each template), print out a hard copy and submit it along with the rest of your proposal materials.

Please do not re-format any of the templates; use them exactly as they come to you when they are downloaded.

For all the student recruitment and retention-graduation templates, save them to your computer after you submit the proposal and keep them in a location you can access later. You will need to update all templates when you do your program evaluation and, if you submit a renewal proposal, for all subsequent proposals and program evaluations (except for the PSU ID Templates, which only need to be filled in once for the program evaluation phase of the process each respective year).

Please refer to the three sections under "Templates" located to the immediate left to understand and use the various templates needed for student recruitment and retention-graduation programs.