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Instructions for PSU ID Template for Program Students


This process only needs to be completed during the program evaluation phase of the process, and the template only needs to be included in the original, not in the copies sent to the EOPC office.

  • Download the PSU ID Template.
  • Only fill in cells with dark gridlines around each cell.
  • Fill in the cell after "Program Name:" (the program name will probably extend beyond the right border of the cell; however once you enter the information into the cell and hit the return key, the name will show correctly on the worksheet).
  • If you are submitting the proposal for the first time, fill in the column under "1st Year" with the PSU ID of all students in the program. For subsequent program years, fill in the column under "2nd Year," "3rd Year," and so on.
  • Print out this worksheet and submit it with your program evaluation. Also, send the Excel file to Mike Blanco as an email attachment.
  • Continue this process for each year that you conduct the program, using the same file you originally used in the first year and keeping all data for all program years on the same Excel worksheet.
  • Please only include this form in the original of the program evaluation, not in the copies.
  • Do not use student social security numbers on this form.