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Instructions for Recruitment Template


Download the Recruitment Template.

Only fill in cells with dark gridlines around each cell. Do not enter data in cells with symbols in them (#DIV/0!); these cells will be filled in automatically by the worksheet when you fill in the cells in the dark gridlines.

Fill in the cell after "Program Name:" (the program name will probably extend beyond the right border of the cell; however once you enter the information into the cell and hit the return key, the name will show correctly on the worksheet).

For the proposal phase of the process:

  1. Fill in the "1st Year" row (or for subsequent program years, whichever year is appropriate) under the "Projected" section (under the # Total, # Applied, # Offered, and # Accepted" columns) according to the outcomes you anticipate for the program.
  2. Print out this worksheet and submit it with your proposal.

For the program evaluation phase of the process:

  1. Retrieve the Excel file you used for the proposal phase of the process and, just as you did in the "Projected" section, fill in the section under "Actual" with the actual outcomes.
  2. Print out this worksheet (it should now have your projections along with the actual outcomes on one page) and submit it with your program evaluation
  3. Please keep in mind that given the time frame of when program evaluations are due and when actual outcomes data become available, you will probably need to submit your actual data sometime after the program evaluation is due. If this occurs for your program, please make a note of this point in the program evaluation and indicate when you plan to submit the actual outcomes.

Continue this process for each year that you conduct the program, using the same file you originally used in the first year and keeping all data for all program years on the same Excel worksheet.