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Retention-Graduation Programs Templates Description (five templates)

(Retention-Graduation and GPA Template)

For retention-graduation programs, which are programs that work with students have have already been admitted to Penn State (e.g., summer bridge programs), program directors need to complete the Retention-Graduation template and the GPA template in addition to the PSU ID template. The Retention-Graduation template and GPA template provide the program director and EOPC with summary information on retention-graduation and GPA outcomes for program participants for each year the program is conducted.

Note: unlike the PSU ID and Recruitment templates, you need to download new templates each year the program is conducted and fill out these new templates for each program year.

Also Note: the "Non-Program Students" portion of these templates is highly recommended so that you can compare the outcomes of participants with a group of similar students who did not participate in the program to better assess the effectiveness of the program, but it is optional.

In addition to the above templates, please fill out the Summary of Student Retention-Graduation and GPA Outcomes Template as soon as you have some actual results in your program to report on and continue to submit the template with updated data whenever you submit a proposal or program evaluation. Instructions for filling out the template should be self-evident from the template itself, which can be downloaded immediately below.

(PSU ID Template for Program and Non-Program Students)

Retention-graduation program directors need to complete the PSU ID Template for Program Students and, if possible, the PSU ID Template for Non-Program Students. These templates only need to be filled out during the program evaluation phase of the process. These templates provides EOPC with the PSU ID of program participants and, if you use the Non-Program template, for students who do not participate but have similar academic and demographic characteristics of program students so that we can examine various outcomes for these students in the Penn State data warehouse. By tracking the outcomes for both program and non-program students, we gain a better insight into the actual impact of the program on academic outcomes. The only appropriate rationale for not tracking academic outcomes for non-program students is if, other than for your program students, you do not have a group of students on your campus or in your department with similar academic and demographic characteristics.

Note: you only need to download one of these templates each for the entire history of your program. The same file you download for the first year of the program can be updated during subsequent years of the program. Also, you only need to include the templates in the original, not the copies, you send to the EOPC office.