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Midcareer Faculty Advancement Program (MFAP) (3-year pilot)

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The Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity, College of the Liberal Arts, and the African Research Center have partnered to pilot a Midcareer Faculty Advancement Program (MFAP). The pilot MFAP is intended to be a resource for associate professors who are committed to progress toward application to full professor. It will primarily serve humanities and social science associate professors who identify as African American, Latinx, American Indian, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander and/or have a demonstrated service commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education at Penn State. The program is an opportunity to (1) acknowledge the extraordinary levels of service and other workplace and work/life balance circumstances that often present to midcareer faculty members and (2) facilitate the ability of associate faculty members to more swiftly move through midcareer challenges.

At this time, the program has appointed its inaugural 2020–2023 Faculty Fellows.  The pilot launched this academic year, will end in spring 2023 and provide a basis for the development of a broader program of career advancement support for faculty at Penn State.  

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Faculty Fellows, 2020-23 Academic Years

Julie Reed, History, UP

Rudy Shepherd, Visual Arts, UP

Cynthia Young, African American Studies, UP

Stephen Wilson, Psychology, UP

Dawn Witherspoon, Psychology, UP

Mildred Mickle, English, Greater Allegheny

Ariane Cruz, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, UP

Jose Soto, Psychology, UP

Shirley Moody-Turner, English/African American Studies, UP

Raffy Luquis, Health Education, Harrisburg

Wanda Knight, Visual Art, UP

Gabeba Badaroon, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, UP

Roderick Lee, Business, UP

Nicole Webster, Agriculture/Sociology/Education, UP

Rhoda Joseph, Business, Harrisburg

Paul Harris, Education, UP

Kimberly Blockett, English, Brandywine

Niki Von Lockette, African American Studies/Public Policy, UP

Crystal Sanders, History, UP

Mariana Ortega, Philosophy/Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, UP

Full/Distinguished Professor Faculty Mentors. 2020-23 Academic Years

Clarence Lang, African American Studies/Dean, College of Liberal Arts, UP

Bradford James Vivian, Communication and Sciences, UP

Lonnie K. Graham, Visual Arts, UP

Jennifer Hamer, African American Studies, UP

Sheri Berenbaum, Psychology, UP

Jenae Neiderhiser, Psychology, UP

Keith Gilyard, African American Studies/English, UP

Jeanine Staples, School of Education, UP

Koraly Perez-Edgar, Psychology, UP

John Philip Christman, Philosophy/Political Science/Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies/Director Penn State Humanities Center, UP

John Rogers Haddad, American Studies, Harrisburg

Mallika Bose, Associate Dean, School of Arts & Architecture, UP

Goktug Morcol, Public Administration, Harrisburg

Kidane Mengisteab, African Studies, UP

Senel Poyrazli, Counseling Psychology, Harrisburg

Stephen A. Matthews, Sociology/Anthropology/Demography, UP

Gabrielle Foreman, African American Studies/English, UP

Program Administration

Core Team

Director:  , Senior Faculty Mentor, Educational Equity/Professor, Department of African American Studies

Peer Faculty Coach:  , Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Director, Africana Research Center

Peer Faculty Coach:  , Associate Professor, Departments of African American Studies and Political Science

Founding Director (2019): Associate Professor, Department of History

Professional Administrative Support

, Administrative Support Assistant, Africana Research Center

Ashley Jackson, Equity Consultant, Educational Equity

Academic Unit Liaisons

Mallika Bose, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Architecture, UP

Shaun Gabbidon, Distinguished Professor, Criminal Justice, Harrisburg

Veronica Godshalk, Professor, Management, Brandywine

Elizabeth Mazur, Professor, Psychology, Greater Allegheny