All units are asked to submit a unit diversity strategic plan based on this 2010-15 Framework by the December 1, 2009, deadline (see Appendix C). The final update report based on the 2004-09 Framework will be submitted at the same time. Midpoint and final unit updates for the 2010-15 Framework will be submitted in 2012 and 2015. The updates should convey progress on implementation of the unit diversity strategic plan, and should also address the following set of questions for each of the seven Challenges:

  1. Taking into account the unit's and University's history with this Challenge, the areas targeted for improvement as they apply to your unit, and your unit's diversity strategic plan and general strategic plan, what progress have you made toward this Challenge during this reporting period?
  2. What measures of success or strategic indicators gauge your progress toward this Challenge? What specific data in relation to these measures and indicators demonstrate your progress?
  3. Among the strategies you have employed to make progress with this Challenge, which specific approaches are considered your "signature" initiatives and which could be termed  "best practices"? (Best practices are processes, programs, and procedures that most successfully lead to the unit's ability to reach the University's diversity goals and can be validated through measurable outcomes.) Describe these signature and/or best practice initiatives, the metrics by which their success is gauged, and the measurable outcomes.


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