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A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State: 2010-15

Since the implementation of the initial Framework in 1998, Penn State has made considerable strides toward building a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable institution and in establishing an infrastructure to facilitate effective diversity planning, implementation, and reporting processes. Fostering diversity must be recognized as being at the heart of our institutional viability and vitality, a core value of the academic mission, and a priority of the institution. With this 2010-15 Framework, Penn State begins the next phase of achieving our diversity potential.

Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations
Challenge 1: Developing a Shared and Inclusive Understanding of Diversity
Challenge 2: Creating a Welcoming Campus Climate

Representation (Access and Success)
Challenge 3: Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Student Body
Challenge 4: Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

Education and Scholarship
Challenge 5: Developing a Curriculum That Fosters United States and International Cultural Competencies

Institutional Viability and Vitality
Challenge 6: Diversifying University Leadership and Management
Challenge 7: Coordinating Organizational Change to Support Our Diversity Goals

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