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Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data Systems

To comply with new federal requirements of the Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data Systems (IPEDS) for the collection and reporting of racial and ethnic data by the nation's colleges and universities, Penn State must make changes to its data collection process. The new requirements reflect a change in the government's data collection policy and are designed so that federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Education can collect and report information that more accurately reflects the increasing diversity of the nation's population. The University has implemented a process for collecting the new data from students planning to enroll. It also will collect the same data as part of the hiring process for incoming faculty and staff. Additionally, Penn State will re-collect data from all current students, faculty, and staff. The new data collection structure utilizes a two-part question allowing respondents to identify their ethnicity as either Hispanic or non-Hispanic, then identify their race from among the categories: white; Black or African American; Asian; American Indian or Alaska Native; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Internal and external reporting will also follow this structure.


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