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Heed Logo Assets

The Heed award logo is provided for a variety of uses to include E-mail signature graphics, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and the Web. Below, you will find a selection of sizes to choose from. The file extension PNG (Portable Network Graphic) may be inserted in multiple applications including Web pages.

To download an image from this Web page, simply hover your cursor over the logo, "right click" your mouse button, and save the file down to your local computer. Once an image is downloaded to your computer and depending upon your choice of application, you may insert the image into your document.

If you wish to add the Email Logo to your signature block using the University Collaboration Suite (UCS), select Preferences > Signatures and position your cursor at the desired location. Select the "image" icon from the editing bar and "Choose File" allowing you to locate the file of choice.


HEED Award 2015

#1) Email Logo Signature Graphic "Small"



HEED Award 2015 Full Size

#2) Large Full Size Graphic