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Challenge 7

Coordinating Organizational Change to Support Diversity Goals

Note: it is particularly important for units to develop their own specific indicators for this Challenge.

Strong relationship between diversity planning and general strategic planning

  • Close collaboration between the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment and the Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity to ensure synergies between the University strategic plans and A Framework to Foster Diversity, particularly between the 2010-15 Framework and the Priorities for Excellence plan 2009–10 through 2014–15.
  • A Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State: 2010–15 encourages more strategic planning approaches and focus on macro-level progress rather than on operational reporting.

Institutionalized enhancements to the diversity strategic planning process and resources

  • Implementation of a thorough review of Unit diversity plans on a regular basis, including follow-up discussions between the Provost, Vice Provost for Educational Equity, and unit executives.
  • Analysis of review results to determine University progress, best practices, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Implementation of Best Practices in Diversity Strategic Planning workshops for unit executives and planners.
  • Development of University Framework Strategic Indicators.
  • Comprehensive Web site of documentation.

Presence of structures to ensure that issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity are represented at the highest levels of administrative decision making

  • Chief Diversity Officer position (in existence since 1989), Vice Provost for Educational Equity.
  • Vice Provost for Educational Equity participates in President’s Council, Academic Leadership Council, and University Faculty Senate.
  • Three advisory commissions to the President of Penn State regarding issues of diversity: Commission for Women (1981); Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity (1989); Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Equity (1991).
  • Each college has a multicultural officer position.
  • Educational Equity and many colleges have diversity advisory boards.