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Many thanks to the offices and individuals supplying data and assistance for this project.

Data were gathered from:

  • Office of Human Resources (Faculty/Staff Survey results 2004, 2008; Faculty Turnover rates)
  • Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment (Tenure success rates of faculty; Penn State strategic Indicators)
  • Office of Student Aid (Student aid recipient data)
  • Office of University Board of Trustees (composition of the Board of Trustees)
  • Penn State Outreach (Adult Learner data)
  • Student Affairs Research and Assessment (Penn State Pulse Survey results; National Survey of Student Engagement, Penn State results)
  • University Budget Office (IPEDS, EIS and FactBook Plus student and employee data)
  • University Faculty Senate (US;IL courses; Composition of University Faculty Senate)
  • University Office of Global Programs (study abroad data)