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Information Technology

Services Available to Educational Equity

Help! My computer is broken.

That's terrible, here are some resources to get it working again.

  • Check the Educational Equity announcements (shown to the right) to make sure the problem you are experiencing isn't already known and being worked on
  • Check the ITS Alerts (shown to the right) to make sure that your problem isn't a larger University-wide issue that is already being worked on
  • Check our self help section for instructions on how to do and fix common issues
  • Check the Penn State Help Request Portal for solutions to IT problems or answers to common questions.
  • When all else fails, submit a ServiceNow ticket and a member of the OPIT Support Team will assist you.


Get Help!

Educational Equity staff only!

  1. Check the Self Help
  2. Go to the OOP IT Page

All others, use ITS HelpDesk.

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