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Educational Equity Policies

Educational Equity policies related to Information Technology and the Internet
Access and Security Agreement
Employees of Educational Equity who wish to have access to network resources must agree to abide by the Educational Equity Access and Security polices. Employees (paid or unpaid) are defined as full-time or part-time permanent staff, temporary staff, student interns and work-study students.
Appropriate Use of Network Resources
Outlines your use of the Educational Equity network and resources that it provides.
Safe Email Practices
We are constantly exposed to a barrage of viruses, trojan horses, worms and other malicious code. The majority of this code arrives via electronic mail, as attachments. The authors of these programs rely on you to infect your own computer. The following rules for safe email practices will help you to thwart these attacks.
Backup and Restoration Services
What is automatically backed up and how to get something you need restored.
Web Hosting Policy
Publicly accessible web pages presenting Educational Equity-related information must be hosted within the unit's content management system.
Get Help!

Educational Equity staff only!

  1. Check the Self Help
  2. Go to the OOP IT Page

All others, use ITS HelpDesk.