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Access and Security Agreement

Employees of Educational Equity who wish to have access to network resources must agree to abide by the Educational Equity Access and Security polices. Employees (paid or unpaid) are defined as full-time or part-time permanent staff, temporary staff, student interns and work-study students.

A copy of the signed Educational Equity Access and Security Agreement will be kept on file by the Manager, Information Technology.

Terms of the Agreement

  • The employee must read, understand and agree to abide by the conditions set forth in the following Penn State policies: AD-11, AD-19, AD-20, AD-23 and ADG-01.
  • The employee understands that use of Penn State computers and network resources for private or profit-making enterprises is not permitted.
  • The employee agrees not to share any account passwords, nor allow another user to access a computer under his/her credentials.
  • If the employee is given an administrator account, the employee agrees to not use this account unless directed to do so by a supervisor, an IT staff member, or technicians providing warranty support for the manufacturer.
  • For each account, the employee agrees to select secure passwords and change them before or when prompted to do so.
  • The employee agrees not to attempt to obtain or view any electronic institutional data that is not intended for use in her/his job function.
  • The employee understands that the input or storage of any personally identifiable information (PII) - including social security numbers, credit card numbers, or driver's license numbers (not an exclusive list) - of any person (including the employee) is prohibited. The employee understands that her/hos computer(s) will be subject to scanning for PII in accordance with PSU policies.
  • The employee agrees not to install, modify or remove any hardware on the Educational Equity network or on any departmental computer, without the prior consent of the Manager, Information Technology and the approval of his/her supervisor.¬†Hardware is defined as any physical device that connects (via wires or wirelessly) to a computer and can include, but is not limited to: printers, digital cameras, smart phones, and MP3 players.¬†
  • The employee agrees not to download, install, modify or remove any software on departmental computers without the prior authorization of the employee's departmental director and the approval of the Manager, Information Technology. Software is defined as any non-hardware package and can include, but is not limited to: programs, games, drivers, plug-ins, utilities and executable email attachments.
  • The employee agrees not to introduce malicious code into departmental computer systems, either as a result of willful intent or as a result of the employee's unsafe electronic mail practices.
  • The employee understands that use of the Educational Equity network account constitutes his/her continued agreement with the conditions set forth above. If the employee chooses not to comply with this agreement, s/he will cease using the account. The employee must immediately notify the Information Technology office by telephone, electronic mail, or in writing. Upon receipt of the notification, the employee's account(s) will be terminated.
  • The employee understands that violations of computer policies may result in the immediate suspension of Educational Equity network privileges and the notification of his/her supervisor. Depending on the severity of the violation, the employee understands that s/he may also experience disciplinary action, termination of employment, or law enforcement intervention.
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