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Appropriate Use of Network Resources

Outlines your use of the Educational Equity network and resources that it provides.

The Educational Equity network is designed and maintained to provide you with a secure environment in which to access administrative data.

Data Storage on the File Server(s)

Data storage space is not unlimited. Only data/information relevant to the job functions of the employees of Educational Equity, or data/information critical and necessary to the function of Educational Equity are authorized to reside on the network servers.

Files saved to the network file server should contain only that data/information which is relevant to the daily responsibilities of Educational Equity employees.

Archival data should be preserved on alternate media and removed from the servers. A good rule of thumb is that data that has not been shared with other staff and/or has not been accessed in the last six months, should be archived to alternative media. Student records should be archived upon the student's graduation or termination of enrollment.