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Backup and Restoration Services

What is automatically backed up and how to get something you need restored.

Data stored on the file server are backed up daily to a off-site library located in Academic Services and Emerging Technologies (ASET). This fee-based service protects the data in the event of a catastrophic failure, or inadvertent loss. Typically, only the last three versions of backed up files are available for restoration. Folders with the following names are excluded from backup: Archive, Cookies, Games, Personal, Temp, Temporary, Temporary Internet Files. Exclusions are subject to change without notice.

Backups of the data stored on the local computer (hard drive or removable media) are the responsibility of each individual. As such, mission-critical data should always be stored on the server(s).

Requests for restoration of backed up data should be submitted through the ServiceNow portal. Please include the exact name of the folder/file you wish to have restored and its original location.

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