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Penn State Policies

Penn State policies related to Information Technology and the Internet
ADG01: Glossary of Computer Data and System Terminology
To provide the definition of terms used in University computer and network security policies and guidelines (i.e., AD20, Computer and Network Security; AD23, Use of Institutional Data; and Administrative Guideline ADG02, Computer Security Guideline).
ADG02: Computer Security Guidelines
To set up minimum criteria for computer access, controls and security for University Computer and Network Resources, and to provide more detailed guidance with regard to concepts embodied in Policies AD20, AD23 and AD71.
ADG07: Data Categorization Examples
This Guideline provide examples of data that fall under the data categories defined in Policy AD71, Data Categorization.
AD11: University Policy on Confidentiality of Student Records
The University recognizes the privacy rights of individuals in exerting control over what information about themselves may be disclosed and, at the same time, attempts to balance that right with the institution's need for information relevant to the fulfillment of its educational missions and compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)
AD19: Use of the Penn State Identification Number and Social Security Number
This policy governs the use of Social Security numbers (SSN) at Penn State and recognizes the use of the PSU ID as the primary identification number for students and employees.
AD20: Computer and Network Security
To establish conditions for use of, and requirements for appropriate security for University Computer and Network Resources (as defined in the Glossary of Computer Data and System Terminology, ADG01).
AD23: Use of Institutional Data
To establish policy for the use of University institutional data (which will include paper, film, electronic, etc.) and the responsibilities for the protection of such data.
AD25: Video Productions
This policy is intended to ensure that video productions coordinate with existing University-wide marketing efforts; contribute positively to the University's brand image; prevent duplication of materials already in existence; and meet the highest production standards in the most cost-effective manner. It applies to all colleges, campuses, and budgetary units of the University.
AD35: University Archives and Records Management
This policy specifies the regulations by which University records are defined, captured, utilized, stored, disposed of, and properly archived when they meet the University's criteria for constituting a "University Record."
AD54: Web Page Design and Image
The purpose of this policy is to describe certain visual and information elements and their usage that are required for all official Penn State World Wide Web pages.
AD61: University Marketing and Communications
The purpose of this policy is to establish the lines of responsibility for the University's branding, marketing, and communications efforts. It applies to all colleges, campuses and budgetary units of the University.
AD69: Accessibility of Penn State Web Pages
The Pennsylvania State University is committed to ensuring equal access to information, programs, and activities through its technologies, Web pages, services and resources for all its constituencies. This policy establishes standards for the accessibility of Web-based information and services considered necessary to meet this goal and ensure compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations and laws.
AD71: Data Categorization
The purpose of this Policy is to establish the categories of sensitivity that apply to data processed, stored or transmitted within the University and its systems.
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