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Changing Passwords

Information on how to go about changing the passwords on your various Penn State accounts


  • If you are not sure which password is associated with which userid, please refer to the User Accounts page
  • Consider reviewing the Selecting Secure Passwords guidelines before you make any changes
  • Having different passwords for all your various accounts is more secure, but if you prefer to synchronize your passwords and it's the only way to prevent you from writing down your passwords, then do it. When you are prompted that one of your passwords will expire, change them all at once.

Commonly changed passwords

Penn State Access Account

AIS Account

Launch your terminal emulation program (HostExplorer) then follow these steps to change your password.

  1. Enter your current User ID and Password, then enter your new password in the "New Password" block.
  2. The next screen displays your last system access information. Press Enter.
  3. Enter your PRN from your SecurID token.
  4. The next screen will prompt you to confirm the password you entered in the New Password block. Type the new password, then press enter.
  5. The next screen will tell you if the password was successfully altered. Press Enter to continue.