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Customize the Colors

Just can't tolerate the default color scheme, find out how to easily customize the color scheme so it is more to your liking

Host Explorer v. 13.x: Changing Colors

If you just cannot tolerate the default color scheme, edit the Session Profile as follows:

1. - Launch Secure-AIS. From the menu bar, select Options, then Session Properties. double-click Color, then General.

2. - Set the background color: Select the "Background Color" option

  • 3 - Select the color you want
  • 4 - Press the "Uniform Color" button to apply the color to all backgrounds
  • 5 - Proceed to Step 3.

3. - Set the foreground color(s): Select the "Foreground Color" option

  • Select the color you want for each field you want to change (e.g., "Unprotected Low Intensity")
  • Proceed to Step 4.

Color Graphic

4. - SAVE THE CHANGES!!! (This is the step everyone forgets.)

  • Click the "Save Scheme As" button (the diskette icon above the Scheme text box)
  • Type the name of the scheme you want to save. "User" is listed in the example. You may want to use your first name, or some other short word to identify the scheme(s) you save (i.e., your first name).


Select the "OK" button, then select the "Apply" button.