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Scheduling meetings with MyMail

Scheduling a meeting with other Educational Equity staff does not have to be a difficult process with emails back and forth about who's available when.

If everyone in your group uses their MyMail calendar to track their appointments and shares their "free/busy" time openly then it's easy to find a common time for everyone to meet. This process also sends a meeting invitation to all parties which they can choose to accept or decline. Once accepted, the meeting is placed on their calendar for them and changes by the original organizer can be reflected on everyone's calendars with notifications to alert everyone of changes.

Scheduling via Outlook

  1. Select "Calendar" from the bottom navigation bar
  2. Click "New Appointment"
  3. Enter the subject and location of the meeting in the appropriate boxes
  4. Don't worry about a date or time for the meeting yet
  5. Click the "Scheduling Assistant" button in the ribbon
  6. Click the "Add Attendees..." button in the bottom left corner
  7. Search for and add all the attendees in the dialog, then click OK
  8. With the attendees selected, their availability will show up in the grid (eventually, be patient). There is a legend along the bottom of the window that explains what the colors on the grid indicate.
  9. Once you find a timeslot that works for all the attendees, click on it in the grid. It will default to a 30 minute meeting but you can drag the left or right side of the selection box to increase the time of the meeting.
  10. Once the timeslot is selected, click "Send" in the upper left corner just below the ribbon to invite everyone and add it to your calendar.


Scheduling via the web interface

  1. Click "Calendar" in the upper right corner
  2. Click "new event" in the upper left corner
  3. Enter the event title, location, and attendees in the appropriate areas
  4. Click "SCHEDULING ASSISTANT" at the top of the page
  5. You will be presented with a grid (day or week) showing the availability of the attendees (might take a few moments to load)
  6. You can select the starting time for the meeting by clicking on the grid
  7. Use the "Duration" drop down on the left to set the length of the meeting.
  8. Once selected, click "OK" in the upper left corner
  9. Then click "SEND" in the upper left corner to invite everyone and add it to your calendar