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Add a buddy to Pidgin

How to instructions on adding another Penn State employee to your Pidgin Buddy List

Pidgin is a universal chat client that allows you to securely chat with other Penn State employees via text-based instant messaging.



Adding a buddy

  1. Run the Pidgin application by selecting it from the Windows Start Menu
    Pidgin application listing on the Windows Start Menu
  2. From the Buddy List window, select the Buddies menu and click the Add Buddy... menu item
    The Add Buddy menu selection from the Buddy List window in Pidgin
  3. Fill in your buddy's information
    • For Buddy's username enter their Penn State Access Account along with (i.e.,
    • It's helpful to enter your buddy's name in the (Optional) Alias field.
    • You can group buddies any way you like (e.g., PSU Units, type of association, etc) or add everyone to one big group.
    Add buddy dialog used to add a person to your buddy list in Pidgin
  4. Click the Add button when you have entered all the information
  5. Your buddy will receive a notification to authorize you to add them to your buddy list.
    Buddy list window showing the authorize buddy request message that is displayed when someone adds you to their buddy list in Pidgin
  6. Once they authorize you, they will appear on your buddy list and you can start a chat with them by double-clicking on their name in the Buddy List.