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Change your password

How to instructions on changing the password on your Penn State account in Pidgin

Pidgin is a universal chat client that allows you to securely chat with other Penn State employees via text-based instant messaging.



Changing your password

  1. Run the Pidgin application by selecting it from the Windows Start Menu
    Pidgin application listing on the Windows Start Menu
  2. In the Buddy List window, click on the Accounts menu and select "Manage Accounts".
    The Manage Accounts menu selection from the Buddy List window in Pidgin
  3. Select your Penn State account from the list and click Modify...
  4. Click the Advanced tab and make sure the following settings are correct (all other options are unchecked or blank):
    • Require SSL/TSL: checked
    • Connect port: 5222
    • File Transfer proxies:
    • Show Custom Smileys: checked
    • Proxy Options: Use Global Proxy Settings
    Advanced settings dialog used when modifying an existing account to Pidgin
  5. Click the Basic tab and make sure your username and domain are correct. The Resource should indicate your location (e.i., PSU, office, home, etc) and the Local alias should be your name. Update your password here and click Save.
    Basic settings dialog used when modifying an existing account to Pidgin