Danny Chen

Danny ChenMajor:

Class Standing: Sophomore

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hi! My name is Danny Chen. I am a sophomore majoring in Finance and Economics. My hometown is Palisades Park, NJ which is located 10 minutes away from New York City. I enjoy playing basketball, running, and of course, eating! On campus, I am involved in ASCEND, a Pan-Asian leadership organization, and I was able to land a TA position for Econ 106. My personality is very outgoing and talkative; I enjoy good conversations. My friends will describe me as organized, spontaneous, and fun.

I look forward to meeting and spending time with everyone in AASIA. If you have any questions or just trying to have a conversation, I will always be available---don’t hesitate to approach me. This upcoming academic year will be amazing. I just know it!