Wasil Wahi-Anwar

Wasil Wah-AnwarMajor:
Physics (Medical Option)
Minor: Bioengineering and Math

Class Standing: Senior

Ethnicity: Malay

Hi! My name is Wasil, and I am a junior here at Penn State. Despite being a Physics major, I am still a sociable and a laid-back guy with a sense of humor. I love music, partaking in all different aspects—playing the saxophone and a little piano, a little singing, and listening to music all the time.My favorite genres are pop, epic instrumentals, solo piano music, and other upbeat tunes. My current favorite artists include Daughtry, Ella (Malaysian singer), Kenny G, and a ton of YouTube artists (Sam Tsui, Kurt Schneider, Jason Chen, Alex Goot). I have also come to love dancing in college, particularly bollywood, hip hop, and ballroom dance. In the limited free time that I have, I enjoy playing sports (racquetball!) and video games—anything competitive. Otherwise, I like reading, making amateur videos, and letting my mind run on a series of wild tangents.

As a coordinator – and as a student – I feel that academics should take top priority here at Penn State. That said, personal development runs a close second; book smarts aren’t worth much if you can’t do anything with your life. Everything is interconnected; neglect in one area will have negative effects on the others. Thus, I am here to ensure that your path is wide and traversable; if you should ever meander off, I would be the helping hand that guides you back on course. I cannot live your life for you, but I can help you make your life during your first year here a terrific one. As a former mentee, I really enjoyed being part of the program and felt it helped me conquer freshman year, and I happened to make a great friend in the process. I was also a mentor the last two years and was fortunate to be able to make an impact to nudge my mentees forward to success. And so, I hope to bestow upon you the same, and perhaps develop a lifelong connection along the way!"