Brandon Lee

Francis Lam
 Management Information System
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Asian

Hey guys! I am Brandon Lee, a Junior majoring in Management Information System with a minor in Statistics. Since I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, I live and bleed Blue and White. As you noticed, my picture is a bit crazy, but yes, that is who I am! I am that kid who does a little of everything. My favorite things to do are snowboarding, mixed martial arts, magic tricks (I'm only a beginner), and doing outside activities. In my free time I play tennis, watch movies, eat tons of food, play video games like a typical guy, and live the most fun and efficient way possible. I am in a business fraternity called Phi Beta Lambda and have a lot of knowledge in the business field so pick my brain on whatever. I like to consider myself a people person so even making eye contact with me will make me approach you (so don't be shy!) I love having intelligent conversations too. I can't wait to meet you this coming Fall! I believe I can be a great help in your transition into college.