Michelle Li

Francis Lam
Class Standing: Sophomore
Ethnicity: Chinese

My name is Michelle Li. I'm a first generation American born Chinese from Bucks County (near Philadelphia) and a sophomore majoring in statistics with the actuarial option. I am also in the Schreyer Honors College and thinking of graduating early, so I've had to juggle all kinds of unusual academic situations. Last year, I was involved with Math Club and became an algebra tutor at the local high school. I was also an AASIA mentee.

I have a lot of hobbies, particularly drawing, baking, reading, and sewing. I also love to watch Disney movies, play videogames, and watch wuxia dramas. Since my own freshman year was recent, I definitely remember the anxieties I had when coming to Penn State. I think I've found good ways to cope with the changes and be successful, and I hope my experiences can be helpful to the mentees in the 2014l/2015 school year!