Silva Vachhani

Francis Lam
 Biology Neuroscience
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Indian

Hiiiiii :)  My name is Silva Vachhani and I am a junior majoring in Biology Neuroscience and soon to be minoring in HDFS. I want to go to Dental School in Philly after graduation. Why dentistry??? Because I love making people SMILE!! I was born in India and moved here when I was four years old. I love to volunteer, eat, work out, eat, try new things, did I mention eating! I am a huge food junkie! I will try anything and everything vegetarian! I am friendly and love to talk to people. This will be my first year participating in this program and I am really excited to be a part in this organization. I love making new friends and I look forward to meeting all the mentees. Here’s to the best upcoming year ever.  #senioryearforme #AASIAmentor