Adam Leung


Adam LeungMajor: Engineering
Class Standing: Sophomore
Ethnicity: Chinese

Hey Everyone! My name is Adam Leung and I’m a sophomore aiming for Electrical Engineering. I’m from Randolph Massachusetts, 30 minutes away from Boston. In my spare time I play League of Legends, watch anime, television shows, and used to play basketball. I’ll probably get a gym membership in an attempt to be healthy and fit.

I was a mentee last year so I recently went through the same freshmen experience you guys are going through. If you have any questions about freshmen year feel free to come to me. I have some leftover course notes and study guides if you are looking for some extra help. I know some great professors whose classes you might want to take, and I know some great places to eat. I don’t have a car, but we can take the blue loop together and have a nice talk session.  Can’t wait to meet you guys in the Fall. See you soon!