Heley Patel

Heley Patel

Major: Management Information Systems and Economics
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Indian

Hello! My name is Heley. I’m a junior trying to complete a degree with a dual major in Management Information Systems and Economics. My entire family moved to the US when I was just 11 years old from India. So I have a bit of both, American and Indian cultures instilled within me. We moved to Exton, which is 45 minutes away from Philadelphia, and have been there ever since.

I am currently a Treasurer in the Association For India’s Development, and I also hold down a part time position in South Dinning Commons. I have learned to be focused on my goals, but to also relax at the same time. My philosophy in life is just do what makes you happy, and let the chips fall where they may. Oh, and also, I absolutely love chocolate to death!

 If I spare some time for myself, I usually like to do something creative whether it is painting or taking photographs or merely sketching. But let’s be honest, I just end up watching YouTube videos and/or movies. Above all, I promise to help you with anything you need. Let’s make your freshman year unforgettable!