John Lin

John Lin

Major: Biology
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Asian

Hey! My name is John Lin, and in the fall of 2015, I will be starting my 3rd year at Penn State. Technically, I will be junior, but I am also trying to graduate early! Currently, I am a Biology Major with a History Minor. After graduation, I hope to attend medical school and someday become a doctor. I am also a part of the Schreyer Honors College, and know the honors system pretty well that I can assist in any questions regarding honors credits, graduation requirements, and other resources that are available.

During my time at Penn State, I mainly focused on my studies by taking my classes very seriously. However, I also did not totally remove myself from the social aspects of Penn State as well. I am a part of Penn State’s enormous Greek Life as a brother of Theta Chi fraternity. I have also been very active with THON by being on THON Committees for two years and serving as my fraternity’s THON Chair in 2015. Although for new students like you, these may not mean much since it may be the first time you’ve heard of any of this. But I can promise you that these two are the largest social aspects of Penn State and can not only bring about a lot of fun, but also provide you with connections with your fellow peers. As a mentor, I hope to give you a vicarious insight into my experiences, so that you can become comfortable academically and socially.

These are just some of the things I do, but my experiences are not limited to what I just listed. I am a very personable person and enjoy social interactions through meeting new people. Hope to meet you all soon!